Cranial Adjustment in Kailua HI

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Cranial Adjustment Turner Style (CATS) is based on moving cranial (skull) bones back into place. Having any type of head trauma including falls, getting hit in the head during athletic activities, or other injuries that may have impacted your head can cause cranial bones to shift slightly. This type of shift can lead to an uneven pressure and blood flow to that part of the brain. This may cause a variety of problems including chronic headaches, sinus problems, speech delays, memory loss, and even behavioral problems in children depending on where the skull bones are out of place. CATS is performed by finding the misaligned skull bones and then using a firm pressure to push them back into place.

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“I had been coughing and suffering from allergies for almost 2 years. After 4 acupuncture treatments I no longer have any allergy symptoms. I can lie down without coughing. This treatment gave me my quality of life back.”

“Within 21 days my Bell's Palsy symptoms were gone. All function has returned. I am 100% back to my original self.”

“Frequency and severity of my migraines have been drastically reduced. Now I can enjoy life!”

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